Services at Oklahoma Kidney Stone Center

The Oklahoma Kidney Stone Center (OKSC) offers state-of-the-art kidney stone treatments. OKSC is designed specifically for treating kidney stones using shockwave lithotripsy.

We can also do other urological procedures including:

  • laser lithotripsy
  • cystoscopy
  • ureteroscopy
  • stent placement and removal
  • vasectomy

Cash Pricing

Our cash pricing model is designed for patients who have either no insurance or insurance with high deductibles.

  1. $4,500 for a lithotripsy only
  2. $4,700 for a lithotripsy and stent placement
  3. $4,150 for a holmium laser and stone basket retrieval
  4. $4,150 for a holmium laser and stone basket retrieval with stent placement
  5. $8,150 for a lithotripsy / holmium laser and stone basket retrieval.
  6. $200 for a retrograde pyeloscopy (RGP) as an add-on
  7. $3,200 for a ureteroscopy
  8. $3,400 for a ureteroscopy with stone basket
  9. $1,500 for a vasectomy

Please contact us for more details on our cash pricing.