Day of surgery

On the day of surgery, please arrive 2 hours; prior to your scheduled surgery time (If your surgery is scheduled at 7:00am, then arrive at 6:00am).


Please bring the following documents with you.(If you have the proper documents, your surgery may be cancelled or have to be rescheduled for another day).



  1. Photo Identification(Valid Photo ID)
  2. Insurance Card(Valid Insurance Card)
  3. Implant Card(if you have any implanted devices)
  4. Power of Attorney and/or living will (if applicable)
  5. Any Facility Co-payments (as determined by your insurance carrier)
  6. You will need a driver to take you home (surgery patients are not allowed to drive for 24 hours after anesthesia)

To speed up your check in process please complete and print out the following forms and bring them with you to your appointment (Click on the form below to open the form)

  1. Patient Information Form
  2. Patient Health Questionnaire
  3. Notice to Patients Acknowledgement